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7 o'Clock World News

cause hetalia is like a shoujo theme song or something

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UPDATE: This RP has ended.

Comm will be left as-is for archive purposes.


Take Axis Powers: Hetalia, give the countries their access to the internet in the form of livejournals, use the daily world news as content, and put it in a handful of LJ nerds and you wind up with this: an internet news commentary as imagined by Hetalia.

Basically what would happen if lolsogeographic was an LJ-RP.

Started by and largely between adesso, halcyonjazz, and moonsheen, with additions of carver, derogatory, khursten, mithrigil, puella_nerdii, sharksmiled and shincaru (have fun figuring out which RP journal belongs to which).

The Country Journals (alphabetical order by country):


1: not holy, 2: nor roman, 3: nor an empire, aaaah motherland, america fuck yeah, axis powers: hetalia, can we just get along, defenestration, do you have a flag, do not fuck with the tea, doing it like romans, don't make me turn this war around, e-eyebrows..., eddie izzard, europarapara, famous for fuck-all, get the icecream truck, globalization, good morning world, holland sir-not-appearing-in-this-rp, i am le tired, i'll lèse your majesty, in soviet russia, italy you're just useless as hell, konnichiwa means hello, m for moe, mass historia, naked o'clock, new world blues, no one expects the spanish inquisition!, old world blues, pasta!!!!!!, playing risk, prussia out-awesoming you, sausage fest, schadenfreude, sodomizing current news, sodomizing history, spain likes alter boys, strategic sheep purposes, the o-canada face, thinking of england, this is so gay, veni vidi vici, vintage whine and cheese, welcoming our new overlords, what the hell japan, world war what?, written by the winners, wtf mate