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Even Señor Paul believes in my team!

Sorry Alemania, but this is how it's gotta be!


with respectful regard to Südafrika.

In light of recent events I think it is most pertinent to remind everyone that WE MUST REMAIN CALM. It is understood that in these turbulent times one often finds their loyalties conflicted. However, it is in all of our best interest to remember what we ourselves stand for, no matter whom we might find on the opposing side!

That said I wish to suggest a few rules:

NO STRIKING IN REGIONS THAT ARE POLITICALLY OR GEOGRAPHICALLY UNSOUND. This should always be understood but circumstances as they are some of us might have forgotten! I am aware that the rosters being what they are that many of you once colonized each other but we must maintain civil relations!

NO LANGUAGE THAT MIGHT BE CONSIDERED INAPPROPRIATE IN FRONT OF MINOR CITY STATES! This has been an issue in the past and we must seek to rectify it! See also: the above rule. Yes, your north most point striking a central region most certainly counts in this respect, Frankreich. Although Rom you should not have spoken so poorly about his mother.

ADHERE TO YOUR PRACTICE AND GAME DATES! Yes I am aware that elephant-related traffic has made this difficult recently but this is no excuse.

NO LEWD BEHAVIOR IN THE STANDS. The parties to whom I refer should already be aware of what I speak.

DO NOT TAUNT BRASILIEN. Wars have been started for less than this.

we're here for you, fratello!!!

You sure showed them, Romano!

I'm showing my support for Roma too, right now! No one will see my pants until our demands are met!!


I said you weren't walking home with the gold for this one, eh!!!

Great game, bro!